new game i'm working on

hey im not dead, im still alive and kickin',  i wanted to make a little announcement not entirely related to worst dating sim.

ive been working on a homoerotic visual novel called Virgin Campaign (R18+) this is a game aimed towards gay men and has very NSFW themes so if that's not your cup of tea then i apologize.

u may be asking "when r the WDS updates, you chicken" well i'll tell you.

they probably won't be soon. if i did have a time when they'll be released it would be after Virgin Campaign releases. you see, WDS updates would take a lot of time including new remade sprites, more cg, more story development, more character routes, etc.

if you have any questions contact me on twitter or tumblr (@hokawazu)

thanks for understanding, peace.



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Wait your working on a new visual novel I can't wait to play. :)