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In modern day Japan there lives two rival gangs: Spurious and Kosher.

The Kosher gang demands justice while Spurious demands freedom. While these two gangs are causing a ruckus, there is a lonesome boy caught up in all of it. It's you! A total loser who is deathly afraid of thugs. But perhaps you can overcome your fear? Maybe you can even ... fall in love?! Or get punched a lot accompanied by a voice grumbling "MRGRGR."

WORST DATING SIM is a shitpost dating sim involving thugs, hugs, and ughs. I hope you enjoy!


WORST DATING SIM (WDS) has absolutely NO SAVE FUNCTION! Incredible, right? And if you're a masochist, you're in luck! WDS has 69 BAD ENDS (the number was unintentional, I swear) where you get punched! This game also contains some blood, ew.

WDS has one OFFICIAL bad end and one OFFICIAL good end!

WDS is rated PG16+.


This game has a character named Etsuji, He's from my webcomic: There, There. This game contains spoilers for Etsuji's character arc, but if you're hardcore then play the game if you wish!


If you wish to make fan art, playthroughs, fandubs, cosplay, roleplay accounts, ocs, etc. for this game, I would love to see it! And If you would like to translate the game to a different language, or if you find any issues or grammar errors, OR just simply want to send me art/videos, contact me on twitter preferably!



馃憡 OTHER 馃憡

If you would like to help with the WDS WIKIA click here!

if you would like to make any mods for this game i would appreciate if you asked me first!

I plan on making more visual novels in the future (hopefully less shitpost-y and actually have a save function lol) and it would mean a lot if you guys would support me if you enjoyed this game, the best way to support me would be to share this game with your friends! It's my first game ... ever ... and I'm really excited to officially release it, so I would love to know what you think and if you would like to see more content from me!


  • p3/p4/earthbound/ace attorney music used (along with some anime ost)
  • backgrounds are free resource

translation credits:

  • RUSSIAN: translator wishes to remain anonymous

if you liked the game and wish to see more future content from me, consider donating to my ko-fi!

Thank you for reading! <3

Install instructions

Please unzip the file into a folder if you're having trouble opening the game. The text may automatically skip suddenly so I recommend turning the text speed down halfway, or just check the text history by going into options and scrolling up on your scroll wheel!



Development log


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''Hey, bro'' that's where I knew, I had fallen for the mommy milkers and there is no coming back

This is actually such a fun game and I was laughing so hard when I picked the wrong choices. The art is cute and beautiful! The storyline is really good -- totally worth the read. The characters too!! I love Jiji and kumochi! :D


I love this game. I really had a good laugh when I choose the wrong choices. Also, Etsuji and Jikkanji are so dang attractive, but I like Jiji the most, even though he's a father. #1 Best Dad!



At the "sex scene", i thought the game crashed, thanks for giving me a mini heart attack. Also the fact that there are NO save mechanics is annoying and i had to use a walkthrough so i wont start from the beginning.

I have so many questions as to why that happened.


as a teen this game made me realize I was a mlm trans dude


wish it was nsfw tho :>

It literally took me over an hour to do this lol, but I love it! I got the bad ending first and it made me sad cause i spent so much time, but then I figured out how to get the good ending! Though now i just go in and pick answers just to see the reaction of it. 

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Etsu always makes my heart skip a beat. love it!

THIS WAS ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I lost my mind many times because I had to start from the beginning but this was truly a really enjoyable game to play.

asdfghnbvcfty incredible

I had a really good time playing through it, shitpost or not! And loved the art, and the fact that the characters don't confess their love and promise eternity together over on night (okay it didn't even take a month but that's quite a high standard for the genre!).

Its an amazing game but idk how to get the good ending where he doesn't reject you at the end. :p


this was so funny and sweet and the story got me super invested and it had a lot of bara titties 10/10 legendary

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A-are you sure this is a shitpost?

 I am amazed to which I thought what was going to be a shitpost, was a great fucking dating sim. I loved the references to persona with Specialist, ace attorney with the goddamn audio and the OBJECTION. The puns with their names, like Jiji (old man) or Mochi, hell even the protagonist's name means protagonist/main character. Eat pant shirt was... interesting to say the least... I love the bara looking artstyle and the simplicity just makes it stand out from the background, but somehow blends it in at the same time. I somehow enjoyed losing, but that's just me being weird. I love this game and definitely played it more times. 10/10, if this is shitposting then your serious work must be amazing. 


i love this game <3, i can't waiting for the next update


dont remember if i commented before, but oh my god this is my favorite game youre so cool op thank you for your work


If this is your idea of a shitpost I NEED to see your serious work! This was awesome! It took me 26 tries to make it all the way to the end but that barely took away from my enjoyment! I seriously loved how this game was super funny but also got dark in some moments without it feeling forced! When you finish everything up you can charge serious money for this! You could probably charge money for it now! Great work! (Ps I love the eat pant shirt!)


Finally played it all! Wow... this was seriously something else! "The Worst"? More like "One of the absolute best"! You bet I hope that you will work on a lot more content. Do you happen to have a Patreon accoun or something else, so I can support you?

PS: Thanks a ton for not being dead, yet~ ;D


i wish android can play this game 馃槍

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First, try the app joiplay that you can find on my profile to see if it is compatible. In case it wont work follow this link. https://forum.sbenny.com/threads/worst-dating-sim-android-port.29142/I know this will work, because I tested it myself.

While I hated the not being able to save part, the good ending made it worth it. When you were finding out certain things and when it got a bit emotional, I was like ahhhhh! You may have made this as a shitpost dating sim, but I loved it a lot. I hope you keep on working on it. I want to be able to date Mochi and Gesshin lol.

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This is probably the best game I've found on itch add stuff or don't either way its perfect in my book! even with the whole not saving thing tbh it made it funner to put a number at the end of your name to track your fails

only flaw is that you have to keep entering your name when you start..

The title of this game is a lie! This is the first and only game I willingly attempted to complete despite the fact that it doesn't have a save mechanic. This game is both cute and amazing! I have played a ton of dating games and none will ever compare to this masterpiece! I love it so MUCH!!!!!

Great game, hope in the next update where we can see the characters in colors not in white and black and please can you make a save file section? Because if i make a bad choice we have to restart the whole game from zero. And more facial hair.

Thank you

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I have all the correct choices memorized. That's how much I screwed up the choices as I went. LOL

I had fun, and it absolutely is not the worst dating sim. In fact, as I went through the choices I laughed at the reasons why the others were wrong and what happened last time I picked it. It was an enjoyable playthrough for me.

I this going to be available in Android in the future updates?

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It's very very tedious because there is no way to save game. So unless you run out of VNs to play it's better to give this one a miss.

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I'd wish there was a save option menu and that Jikkanji was a romanceable/dateable route... He's such a warm joyful man. Plus those huge pecs (Drooling)... 

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Hey, I found an Android port. Can I post the link here?

Let me tell you, the game is fucking amazing!! I laugh a lot playing it, but it's not total bs, because the characters have to deal with heavy topics. I like it greatly. Hopefully you'll be able to make another, interesting game such as this or work on it more.

But is it free? Hehe i just wanna play it

It is not, but it's cheap. You have to register an account on this website https://forum.sbenny.com/threads/worst-dating-sim-android-port.29142/ and pay 5$ for 3000 sbenny cash. The game costs only 50. On the same website you can also get Winds of Change for android etc.

I did it and it worked really well.

oh , i know about sbenny before but i don't have clue on how to get sbenny cash thing. Its ok tho i can even do it for android port , Thank you :)


I honestly disagree with the title. This is one of the best dating sims I've ever played! Sure, I had to watch a walkthrough to not get punched so many times... But still! It's amazing!

Aww No Android.. T-T 

I found a website with an android port, but it's not free and there's no save function....

Hi Resbach Sorry I didn't get the massage but can you send the link thank you!

Deleted 271 days ago

Sure! But as you will see you can't just download it straight away... https://forum.sbenny.com/threads/worst-dating-sim-android-port.29142/#post-57195...


I had to make my account and I will also wait until tomorrow to get my free SB Points/Coins Thank You So Much! :D

Not late haha

Oh? Well, I bought them. It's not expensive.

Np! You can visit my profile for similar VN's, Coming Out On Top is a good example.

Ah- I died so many times on this but, in the end- It was so worth it! I not only fell in love with Etsuji but also with all the other characters! :D 10/10, amazing characters and a wonderful storyline that honestly had me crying happy tears at the end of the good ending (I sadly got the bad end first). I can't wait for the rest of the updates or any new games coming up from here. Keep up the amazing work and thank you for blessing me with such a awesome game! :D

Holy WOW! This is an amazing game! I had really low expectations and I have been WOWed by how awesome this ended up being. The characters are deeply writen and the story line is simple enough to follow with a humourous and light tone. The lack of saving system adds a lot this game and while it was frusturating at times, it really made you think about Etsuji's character. 

Anyway, all that's to say is I loved this game. :)

ah how much I died lol

This game is far from the simple thing it appears to be! It was a wonderful experience, and leaves you just as fulfilled as in need of more!

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