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this is the best fucking game i've ever played in my life

I love bara tiddies god bless

This game is such a shitpost, I love it.

But please for the love of everything that is MRGRGR, add a save function, gahh my nerves.

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Day 453, Attempt 12390

Stil nowhere closer to finishing Etsuji's route T-T

Jokes aside this game is actually quite cool. There's no saving function, but I guess that's a part of the charm <3

I watched the playthrough and It was just so good! I love sex and all, but what I really want in dating sims are happy endings and sweet romance. Hope you continue the development of these game! Even Megu and Etsuko are sexy for a dating sim about Men. I really want to download this when I get my personal computer.


This is far from the worst dating sim. I originally thought it would just be a shitpost from beginning to end, but it actually got its hooks in me after I pushed through the first bit of trial and error. Super funny and charming, I hope you eventually decide to expand upon it in the future.

That game is so great on so many levels! In so short game so many plot twists and SOOO CUTE AND COOL CHARACTERS! I rarely laugh at jokes in novels, but here I had fun (false error near the end in particular, even though I felt it like a punch in a face :D). And good ending is just great! I want moar...but with some kind of save slot ;D

BUT it's so intresting how are we getting to know him everytime we don't get punhed....

I- I'm getting tortured every second ma dude XD

The game is great, I love the character arc especially. 10/10. This is some high quality content even if it was a bit frustrating the further along I got.

Also on a side note I finished this game and it was super fun~

XD by the way this game is created by Unity right? I am a beginner to coding and making games and stuff but I was thinking of one upping my friend to their present by making them a short dating sim as a present. Would unity 3D be a good beginner game making app or is there something more beginner friendly?

I rarely comment, but holy shit... this... this game was amazing. It truly is the worst dating sim because I failed so many times, but I couldn't stop playing because I wanted to keep learning more about all of the characters. It's terribly addicting, keep up the great work!!!

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I loved this


Please give us Android version too :)

Abusive Relationship Simulator... thats what the game should be called lol

He's sensitive. And expresses it through physical violence.

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I know I will get hate for this but I want to experience this game but I can't if I keep getting punched.Thre's no save option either so I'm having to remember the choices by memory. I'm getting more pissed off as I keep getting punched.

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are you allowed to lie in the title of your game like that??? because this was hilarious and literally the best possible use of the last 5 hours of my life ever. literally every character was so likable and funny (even thugs a and b killed me, and the 'i must maintain my one hand in jacket pocket and one hand in pants pocket pose' joke was perfect) and the cursor is a fist!?!? amazing!! also i want jikkanji to be my new dad please. 

literally the only semi-negative thing i can say is that most of the characters were really similar looking and it got a biiit confusing. like i was pretty sure there was going to be a plot twist that gesshin and etsuji were going to be like...estranged twin brothers or something, but needless to say, that didn't happen.

anyways, in summary, you're a fantastic writer (if i start getting into specific scenes and jokes that i loved, this comment will never end) and i would kill and die to see more from you; thank you for this gift!!


this was so cute!! I kinda wish there was a save feature so I didn't have to replay it fifty times but I get why there wasn't :p the bara tiddies def make up for it ❤️ lmfao


oh and i can't wait for the rest of the guys' routes! ..jiji especially 🥵


the BIGGEST FUCKING uwu i've ever had in my whole life


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Хорошо. ОЧЕНЬ ХОРОШО.Я не умею описывать свои эмоции текстом, это реально очень хорошо, я реально насладился игрой . Я получил огромное удовольствие от прохождения, но вырезанную сцену секса я не прощу никогда.     NEVER

Отдельное спасибо за Русификатор. 

спасибо, добро пожаловать за трещину

I actually.... really enjoyed this. Would genuinely love to see a fully-developed version (with...the option to save).

Here's the video I made of my, uh, experiences with Etsuji:

oh god, this really nails it into being the worst and the best dating sim ever. i was so frustrated but enjoyed too much the irony to be mad. it is so fitting that you cant save, and that any bad option gets you punched. if the other characters become available to date it'd be awesome. i'm eagerly waiting, really loved this!

i played this game 4 the first time when it first came out in 2018 and tbh???? still always thinking ab it 2 this day tysm 4 making the best dating sim 2 exist ever.

where jiji content ? :o


The no save feature is a punch to the gut(literally and metaphorically) every single time i fail but all in all, this game is great. 


i'm literally crying abt kumochi and you hit me with an ace attorney ref????????? are you KIDDING me?? i was SOBBINg?????

hey excuse me how am i NOT supposed to take this seriously??

Will there be android version?



I really enjoy the story and the characters! My only problem is that there is not save function!!! When Etsuji ends you, I literally need to restart from the beginning...That is not fun at all. Other than that, This game is flawless!

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I LOVE KUMOCHI SO MUCH. I can't wait to see if he actually has a route. 😭

I also really loved the humor of this game.

When I first found this game, I saw that it had a comedy tag and that it was free. So, I downloaded it right away... Without reading the description. So after a while of playing the game I realized the MC was male and I thought it was sweet how this story unfolded. 


brooo this shi made me cry it's so fricking good. Take a moment to play this game, the good ending is so pure. I love the art and story and EVERYTHING. I hope they make more games if this is just a "shit post" then i would love to see them at their full potential

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I haven't made it to the end yet (it's taking awhile lol) but I'm very amused and entertained! Etsuji is freaking adorable, especially when blushing or Vanilla is on his shoulder. I love how rough and tough he acts, but when it comes to relationships he's super careful (asking how old you are, not wanting physical contact) and for a game that's basically crack XD, it's a nice touch. Can't wait to finish it, wish the other guys were available!

Awesome game.

Will there be a android version?

I loved it ! I first got the bad ending, then I spent 3 hours trying to find what I did wrong, and I was so happy to finally see the good ending !
I'll look forward to your next game now !

what happens in a bad ending?

More like bad endingS ! You get punched, you black out, back to the beginning. Each time you answer wrong !

Well... I've played for like 3 hours and still couldn't finish the game. At first I only laughed whenever I got punched, but after 2 hours I was SO STRESSED! Still, it was really funny!!

I know the main character was male but I couldn't stop thinking it was female. You know, the cute high schooler girl that starts going out with delinquents, just like in the mangas.

Even if the name is Worst Dating Sim it was certainly one of the best I've ever played.


holy fuck. How can a game be SO STRESSFUL yet so hilarious? I stg I lost my shit whenever I got punched, it's the funniest thing and i ain't even mad. The amount of times I said "are you fucking kidding me" and "I swear to god" is staggering. But in the end, this is ironically one of the best visual novels I've ever played. 10/10 bara tiddies, bless your meme loving soul <333 

Laasst comment I swear. Finish the game, got the bad ending first, was disappointed, found what a did wrong, and said "god damnit".

Disappointing that there was no sex scene, but I guess that throws off the narrative. 

The Good Ending is a bit... unrealistic but I guess it's okay.

I enjoy the script writing too. It doesn't sound like typical fanfiction, such as when reading male character lines you can still tell it's a female "talking" if that makes sense.

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Definitely frustrating to go through the game over and over again. Helps me build perseverance I guess. I enjoy the story but I suggest giving a faster way to skip through dialogue than a small "skip" button in the corner. Really gives insight to gang violence issues. People who are not catered to in a one-way society are thrown out to fend for themselves and form gangs.

Edit: Can I date Mochi, too?


Just finished the game......and it was awesome!!! I mean it, I loved it (even tho my face hurts for all the punches I got) and it made me laughs. I hope to see more from you in the future, awesome job "bro".

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