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Wooooo this game is soo pissing me off I got punched 4 times in the first 5 minutes of it hahaha but it's great anyway!

Etsuji is making me die of laughter xD

Keep working on it!

lmao thank you! i have plans to!

I can't seem to figure out how to get the good ending. Does it require me to do anything outside of the game (mess with files) or explore literally every single failed option to "unlock" the good ending? I really need a pointer here

there's a certain point where etsuji asks the main character somethin' important, there's two choices but you probably thought the other choice would lead to a game over (so you picked the other choice)- but it actually leads to the good end!

It really is just full of  ughs.

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LMAO THIS IS GREAT GFHFKN honestly i don't know if I could give you any hints for answers since etsuji is an enigma even for me LOL, but i'm glad the game kept you guys entertained! i'm really happy someone made a playthrough for this thank you so much ahah, you don't have to finish it but it's all up to you! (also mrgrgr is a reference to bravely default, it's supposed to be a strange growling noise )

Hahahaha well we're glad you enjoyed it! Part 2 of it comes out Friday and we can further in that one and also a lot more frustrated lol. You got us a few times in that one! And thanks for that now we'll know how to say Mrgrgr

Oh my god!!! I love this game so much. The whole art style and the playthrough was so adroable and seeing Etsuji grow was so heartwarming. I did go through hell with the no save function and getting one of the bad endings! But on my second playthrough I realised what I did wrong and I got the official good ending and I almost cried! I hope this game gets more routes and people we can choose from but Etsuji will always be in my heart no matter what! 

Thanks for making sucha  great game!

SHUCKS im really happy you enjoyed it, i hope i can make more routes too! thank you so much for playing!

I just passed the last 4 hours laughing and crying (and crying of laughing) while playing this game, every bad ending was frustrating but also gave me will to continue trying (and failing), the references simply made me burst of laugher in some "serious" moments. It was so good when i got the good ending which was SO heart warming. This was a amazing experience, thank you for working on this dating sim, I loved it all. <3

im really happy you enjoyed it!! thank you so much <333

I just made an account right now just to say that this game is super cool! Also, I was playing the linux version and I just gotta give you props for the ren'py gag in the later portion! Ending was super sweet and I loved it. <3

Hope you continue to create more game content in the future!

thanks a bunch! im glad you enjoyed and i hope so too!!

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I played this game for like a good 2 hours , loving every minute of trying to progress and failing and restarting constantly and seeing the big tiddy characters evolve only to get the bad ending! I've never felt so disrespected my entire life  >:C

HMMM... maybe you picked a choice you thought would lead to a game over but instead it could've given you the good end ;^) ........?

I really liked the effort you put into this game! All the choices with Etsuji felt like defusing a bomb. It might be an unpopular opinion, but I liked the no-save mechanic making the 'mistakes' that much more spicy. 

I was doing everything (so much stuff) I could to get to the GOOD END, it did take me a bit of time to get there. Thanks for making the game, and I look forward to more cool stuff!

thank you so much <3 !!! i really appreciate it!

this game is fantastic! I love the characters and the bad endings even lol though I wasn't able to get all 69 :( the closer I got to the end the less willing I was, emotionally, to make Etsuji punch MC. (I named him ":3c" for reasons.)

I had a little trouble getting the "official good ending" until I realized what I was doing wrong on a second, official, run through perhaps a small hint would be appreciated by others but I don't know if my saying one would be considered a spoiler so I will leave that as a suggestion for the creator.

thank you! im glad you enjoyed it ahah, and i think i was going to add a little scene after you get the bad end that would give the player a hint but i felt like it was a little extra fghjfn but again, thank you for playing!

This game was great! It really made my day to play the game plus the shitposting in it kept making me laugh and the no save function made the wrong choices way more funny than rebooting saves. Long time fan of your art and this just keep me coming back for more. Thanks again for this wonderful visual novel can't wait to see more of your work

aw gosh, thank you so much! i'm glad you like my work! <333

This game was amazing man! i played for... 2-3 hours? and enjoyed every second :D but I've got to admit not putting that save function in made me want to   c r y   i n s i d e .  I'm going to read your webcomic now, thank u for making this masterpiece 

DFNHJ I'M SO SORRY AHAH- but i'm glad you enjoyed it!! thank you so much! <333

This has got some real nice art in it! Mind if i ask what engine you're using to make it? (Because if I may suggest using Ren'py... that automatically comes with a built in save function..!)


ahh thank you so much! i used renpy! but i intentionally had the save function taken out to have the game live up to it's title ahah

Hmm, in that case maybe you could look into having both options??? Like being able to choose a gamemode where you can't save or can save!

Yeah, I agree, it'd be a better experience with a save function.

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